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INTASC Standard #6: Assessment

The Teacher understands and uses multiple methods of assessment to engage learners, monitor progress, and guide modifications.


Rationale & Disposition Statement

I believe grades should be used to monitor student learning. Formative work helps both the teacher and the student to identify where the student is doing well, where more work is needed, or if teaching methods need adjustment. I provide students with varied methods for presenting formative and summative learning so that students may choose methods that interest them, engage their talents, and explore new means of working.


Application of Standard

I have modified lessons to include multiple methods of meeting formative assessment and summative assessment goals. Most formative work includes four different process methods for students to experiment with and summative projects involve an element of student choice.


Explaination of Artifacts

Artifact #1

The data analysis is a study of a small group of students I had in an art course. It demonstrates the use of multiple assessment methods to monitor student progress and the implementation of modifications.


Artifact #2

I believe that if student learning, comprehension, and the mastery of skills are our goals, then we must continue working with a student and providing them with opportunities to master the content. My course descriptions include sections on redos. Students are allowed to redo and resubmit any projects before end-of-the-semester portfolios are due and in fact, I encourage them to redo their work. Students must talk to me before the begin their redo work. They must identify what could be better, why, and how they will achieve their plan. There is a written worksheet guide the student must submit, documenting their thought process. However, while I do allow students to redo and resubmit work, the same objectives exist while the project may change.


Artifact #3

The assessment research project compares various methods for assessment across multiple conuntries.



Artifact #2

EDUC 551

Artifact #3

EDUC 551

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