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Artist & Educator


Jennifer Bockerman’s work is dedicated to exploring how institutions, education, consumerism and American culture shape human identity. Drawing on her own personal experiences in the education system and within religion, Bockerman uses mixed media to represent iconic systems and also alter perceptions of one’s self within a system.


Her work represents an evolution in exploring bodies, identities, and culture. Throughout her education and experience as an artist and educator, Bockerman has used her work to question how women represent themselves through domestic chores, iconic roles of femininity, and their bodies. Her ability to create confrontational installations and works has been featured in shows throughout the Midwest and in New York.


As Bockerman's work has evolved, her art has explored the impact that education and religion have on shaping an individual. Examining the intersection of education and religion, Bockerman employs various spatial relationships in order to dissect the iconography of our lives. Using iconic objects, images, and installations that vividly recall education, Bockerman manipulates materials to highlight assembly-line processes within education, creativity and conformity, mass production, and innovation. Especially as a teacher, she is dedicated to using art to help others discover how they learn and process information, as well as awakening their own creative impulse.


Art is a lifelong passion for Bockerman, one that has fueled her own work, and also motivates her to help others discover their relationship with the world around them. Through art, Bockerman wishes to foster a more aware, reflective, and compassionate world.

Jennifer Bockerman

Moore Middle School

6-8 Visual Arts, Design Thinking, & Advanced Conceptual Design 

Art Club Advisor


Nebraska Art Teachers Association

Community Director

"The arts are an even better barometer of what is happening in our world than the stock market or the debates in congress." 

Hendrick Willem Van Loon
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