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professional learning & ethics

INTASC Standard #9: Professional Learning & Ethics

The teacher engages in ongoing professional learning and uses evidence to continually evaluate teaching and adapts practices to meet learner needs.


Rationale & Disposition Statement

It is essential for teachers to be current in teaching methods and application of content in the contemporary world in order to be relevant to learner needs. Teachers may use online training tools, attend professional conferencs or workshops, or join a professional organization. There are multiple ways to stay current in evaluating and adapting teaching practices to the current trends of the market.


Application of Standard

Attending various types of conferences (art education, Lutheran education, technology in education, nuerology and psychology in education, to methods in education) helps me to evaluat and modify my curriculum from various lenses. I also enjoy networking with teachers from all over the country! Being able to come back to implement new ideas in the classroom or share information with my colleages is valuable in staying current in classroom practices. 


In 2013, I used a session from the Learning & The Brain Conference to teach students about how their brains recieve inforamtion, process information, and then applies information to the world around them.


Explaination of Artifacts

The images below are from four of the National Conferences I have attended. The link will direct you to my resume, which has a professional development section, listing all of the professional development events I have attended.





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