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content knowledge

INTASC Standard #4: Content Knowledge

The teacher understands central concepts of subject to create learning experiences that make the discipline accessible and meaningful to ensure mastery of content.


Rationale & Disposition Statement

Content must be relevant for students to gain from it. I ensure that students understand the relevancy of assigned projects by teaching about the 21st Century Learning Skills and creativity. It is an important skill for students to be able to make content meaningful and relvant to their interests even if it is not in their content area of interest. 


Application of Standard

I use traditional philosophy when I present art history, past civilizations, and cultural heritage to build a knowledge base. Historical information creates a platform of knowledge and information. As we begin to discuss why historical events may have happened as they did and what role art serves in preserving our history and how it presents a reflection of society, I then use contemporary philosophy to present our current society and look to the future. We discuss contemporary artists and how their work exists as social commentary, how it draws from the past, relays the present, and what it could mean for the future. I relate topics in art to student interests in pop culture and assign problem solving projects that engage and help to develop higher order thinking skills. 


Explaination of Artifacts

Artifact #1

The Store Front Window Design Project made learning relateable and meaningful for students because it provided them with a real-world experience in design! Students had to perform to high standards and display professionalism in their collaborative work.


Artifact #2

This project allows students to explore a country of their choosing, cultural hertiage, historical and contemporary artists, and a contemporary social issue in their chosen country. 


Artifact #3

This project uses the scientific method (previous cross-curiculura knowledge) to engage students in the orgainzed exploration of materials and planning to experiment with building methods.

Artifact #1

Experiential Learning

Artifact #2

21st Century Learning

Artifact #3


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